The Science of How CBD Can Help You Sleep Better

The Science of How CBD Can Help You Sleep Better

We often forget how important sleep is to our wellbeing. We may focus on diets, on exercise, on yoga, on meditation. Yet, while all of those might be marvelous for our health, our body knows that we need sleep to stay healthy.

In fact, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a study to find out just how important a role sleep plays in our lives, and just how important Americans perceive sleep to be in our lives. You may be surprised by the results.

The study indicated that individuals with the healthiest sleep habits are far more likely, compared to poor sleepers, to view themselves as truly effective at getting tasks completed. Indeed, about two-thirds of survey respondents agree that a proper amount of sleep translates into being a more effective person.

Sleep is Not Perceived as the Most Important for Wellness

Even though the study indicates what most of us believe to be true – that sleep is the most important activity for good health – the respondents to the study mentioned above put exercise, nutrition, work, hobbies, and personal interest over sleep when prioritizing their personal activities.

Specifically, 35 percent of respondents said that physical fitness and nutrition are the most important personal activities, 27 percent cited their work, and 17 percent put hobbies and personal interests at the top of the list. Only 10 percent found sleep to be the most important healthful activity.

Moreover, a whopping 90 percent of people state that their day begins when they get up, not when they go to sleep; and 60 percent typically do not keep track of how much sleep they need. Focus on the importance of sleep actually appears to be generational. More than half of young adults take sleep into account when planning their day, but that number drops to 21 percent for seniors.

All of this information appears to indicate that we, as Americans, may not realize the importance of sleep as much as we should. And that failure to prioritize the need for sleep seems to become more prevalent as we get older.

Suffice it to say, however, sleep is so vital to our health day to day. Accordingly, let us discuss a few ways in which you can improve your sleep, and sleep habits.

Five Things to Improve Sleep

There are a number of different approaches to improving your sleep, and improve what has come to be known as sleep hygiene, i.e., healthier sleep habits. Here are a few to consider:

1. Bedroom that encourages sleep. Make sure your bedroom invites sleep with a quality mattress and pillow, quality bedding, minimized light disruption, and peace and quiet.

2. Keep a sleep schedule. You sleep better when you stick to a routine. So, try to set a fixed wake-up time; build sleep into your schedule; don’t nap too much or too long during the day; and if you need to make adjustments to your schedule, do it gradually.

3. Have a pre-bedtime routine. Try to wind down 30 minutes before going to bed and avoid bright lights – particularly ones from your phone or tablet.

4. Limit certain beverages. For better sleep you may want to limit your caffeine and alcohol intake.

5. Reduce your stress. Meditation or exercise a few hours before bed could be incredibly helpful in reducing stress and improving your sleep routine.

Can CBD Help with Sleep?

CBD can help with sleep for sure, and it is most effective when taken regularly. CBD, which stands for cannabidiol (the non-psychoactive portion of the marijuana plant) has been found to have some beneficial effects for pain management, and more importantly, CBD is able to give you a general sense of calm.

While CBD is not the part of the marijuana plant that gives you the euphoria of being “high” (that’s THC), it is instrumental in helping your body get to a more focused and tranquil place.

Studies show that CBD does not have an impact on how you would normally sleep (so-called sleep architecture). And taken regularly, CBD can simply help you remain in a good sleep routine with its soothing, peaceful effects.

What Products Work Best for Your Sleep?

Nirvana Health and Wellness is proud to provide several types of CBD products that all can be instrumental in helping you sleep regularly and soundly. Those three products are CBD gels, CBD oils, and CBD bath bombs.

Bath bombs enhance any soothing bath with the calmness that comes uniquely from CBD products. Thus, a hot bath combined with our CBD bath bombs will help you take a deep breath and get mental clarity to unwind and move towards nirvana.

Though you may not be able to take a bath every night, CBD oils or gels could do the trick so you can stay on top of a regular CBD routine. Our roll-on pain relief gel can soothe your muscles and help take away pain and discomfort in your joints. Similarly, our CBD massage and anointing oils will bring you that peace of mind and comfort that comes with much needed pain relief.

In sum, a routine that includes a CBD component as part of your sleep regimen could have a dramatic impact on your sleep patterns. CBD can assist with longer, more restful, and more rejuvenating sleep sessions than you currently experience. It actually takes very little to get big improvements in your sleep. Then, of course, the more (and better) sleep you get, the more effective you will be when it is time to take on the day.

For CBD Products that Help with Sleep, Think Nirvana

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