The Best Essential Oil Blends

The Best Essential Oil Blends

We are all home a lot these days.  Being home, there are probably times when you want to change things up, bring in some new scents that will calm your atmosphere, that will engender good feelings, and that will spark old memories.  In fact, sometimes, it is just nice to freshen up the air to give your living space a lift.  

That is when you should turn to essential oils.  

Essential oils are a wonderful way to scent a room and create the peaceful, welcoming space you always wanted your home to be.  What is particularly marvelous about essential oils is that they are not products that use harsh, synthetic, toxic chemicals.  Rather they are natural, versatile ways to give your living space a boost.  

In this article, we are going to talk about two aspects of essential oils.  First, we are going to cover some do-it-yourself options for how to diffuse essential oils throughout your home, in case you don’t have an electric diffuser.  Next, and most importantly, we will clue you in on some of the most pleasing essential oil blends that you can enjoy in your home.   

If, after reading this article you have more questions about essential carrier oils, we welcome you to contact us at Nirvana Health and Wellness.  We would be delighted to help you on your path to wellness with our essential oils and CBDs.  Please contact us using our contact form online or email us at  

Scenting a Room with Essential Oils

What is a great feature about essential oils is that they can be diffused in a number of ways.  You can go to the market and find an electric diffuser, which is designed to warm the oil, and thus disperse it into the air.  Or, you can buy a reed diffuser, in which the reeds absorb the essential oil and then the oil gets diffused into the air once the absorbed oil reaches the end of the reeds.

However, here are a few DIY solutions that work as well.

1. Candle Lamp.  This best done with a candle lamp diffuser, where you simply put a few drops of the essential oil with water on the plate above the candle, and then let the heat from the lit candle warm the oil and diffuse it into the air.

2. Spray Bottle.  It is fine to simply mix some essential oil with water in a spray bottle and mist the mixture into the air.  While the essential oil is not heated, thus reducing the strength of the scent, it is still a great way to change the scent in the air.

3. Baking Soda.  Because baking soda is so absorbent, just mix a few drops of essential oil with baking soda on a nice dish, and the let the air improve.  Or scatter it on the carpet, vacuum it up in a few hours, and soothing scents will be left behind.

Explore with Essential Oil Blends

Here at Nirvana we have our own favorites when it comes to blending essential oils.  Here are a few of them that you might like to try.  

1. The “Melting Stress Away” Blend.  Our blend of essential oils that are designed to remove those jittery feelings of anxiety and let you connect with your inner calm are great for times like these.  Whenever you are feeling that you have too much on your plate, try to take in our essential oil made just for those extra stressful times.  

2. The “Restful Nighttime” Night Blend.  Combining Vetiver and a little Lavender, and you will find that essential oil blend will calm the mind, soothe the senses and give you a better, longer night’s sleep.

3. “Bringing Back the Holidays” Blend.  Christmastime is a time with wonderful memories.  Why not indulge in those happy times all year round?  A blend of orange, cinnamon, and purification essential oils will not only amp up your aromatherapy, but it will likely bring back some of the holiday joy you remember and cherish.

Remember, essential oils are a wonderful way to brighten your home and treat different conditions that ail you.  And what is so perfect with essential oils is that you can blend them in any way that is most pleasing to you.  Come to Nirvana and find your own special essential oil blend.

Get Long-Lasting, High-Quality, Essential Oils at Nirvana

Nirvana is a direct-to-consumer company that does not utilize multi-level-marketing to sell our products.  In turn, we are able to provide pure therapeutic grade essential oils and CBDs at a value-rich price.  This commitment is the core of our vision to be the leading direct-to-consumer essential oil company in the country.  We partner with farmers and distillers throughout the world so we can produce the quality of essential oils you deserve.

You can be assured that all of our Essential Oils and CBDs are 100% pure and authentic.  To ensure that we consistently provide our customers with the purest essential oils, Nirvana works with an independent lab that utilizes all techniques available to test all of our essential oils and CBDs.  They are free of pesticides, synthetics, stretching or adulteration of any kind.  

In a market where CBD products now abound, knowing which CBD provider you can trust is paramount.  While many online stores sell CBD products, few demand the kind of quality control that we demand at Nirvana.  Our independent lab ensures the high quality of the products we sell.  In addition, we are always available to answer your questions with regard to proper dosage, and any problematic reactions that may result, when you take CBD and other medications.  

We know that you want only the best when it comes to finding CBD products that improve your wellness.  That is where we, at Nirvana, find a source of pride.  We care about the harmony and peace of mind that you draw from our CBD and essential oil products, and we see our customers as part of our family.  

Let us bring you to a better, stress-free, peaceful place.  At Nirvana, your health and wellness is our highest priority. 

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