Should You Try Hemp Cream for Pain Relief

Should You Try Hemp Cream for Pain Relief

The agony of pain is understood best by only those who suffer from it. It not only affects your physical health but your mental well-being as well. Some of us have difficulty managing pain, that even simple everyday tasks look like big trouble. There are medications that one can take to manage pain, yet the irony of the situation is that long-term use of any drug too can cause harm. You may suffer from its side effects or even develop resistance to it.

More and more people are now looking for natural and plant-based solutions that have minimal cause for concern. One such revolutionary product that has caught the eye of the masses is “Hemp Cream” for pain relief.

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a dioecious plant that belongs to the Cannabis sativa plant species. It is different from marijuana, so one should not confuse the two. The only thing linking them is the fact that they both are a variety of cannabis.

Hemp contains only a minuscule amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is around 0.3%. Therefore, in the US, it is within the law to sell Hemp and Hemp-based products. 

How Does Hemp Work?

The seed of Hemp contains fats and proteins along with several other chemicals. The common assumption is that the fat of the seed helps in reducing swelling or inflammation. It is further believed that some chemicals present in it help ease bowel movement and better manage low blood pressure.

Scientific studies conducted over the past few years have paved the way for using Hemp to manage conditions like eczema, arthritis, high cholesterol, constipation, etc. However, further studies are still required to validate its use over the long term.

Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

In ancient times, Hemp was used as a pain reliever. This knowledge was passed down the generations and is probably the main reason why the interest in this plant remains persistent. We all suffer from pain at some time or the other. With scientific studies backing Hemp in managing pain, it has now become easier to use synthetics and chemical-free products to seek relief.

Hemp creams are made by infusing good-quality cannabis flowers in high-quality coconut or olive oil for pain relief. The oil absorbs the CBD or THC or even both from the flower. The oil infusion thus obtained is further blended with pain-relieving therapeutic herbs like arnica to make it a potent solution. This oil is mixed with creams in varying proportions to provide relief from muscle aches and joint pains.

Should You Try Hemp Cream For Pain Relief

If you are looking for reasons to try hemp cream for pain relief, here are a few for your due consideration:

1. Topical - Most of you may now be aware that Hemp creams are topical. It means the cream is only absorbed by the top layer of the skin. It is not transdermal and hence cannot pass through the skin and get into your bloodstream.

2. Patch Test - Since Hemp creams are considered safe to use, one thing you can be sure of is that they will not do any lasting damage. To be safe, you should first do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to any component of the formulation.

3. All-Natural Product - Hemp creams are a natural product. They are free of synthetic chemicals and, as such, are any day more skin-friendly than outright chemical creams. There is no harm in at least trying it out.

So Why Are There No Guarantees?

Hemp creams are safe to use, and they can alleviate pain symptoms. Then why are there no guarantees? The problem is that sufficient long-term studies have not been conducted. The studies so far involved not just a small sample population but were also short duration. Hence, there is a lack of sufficient data to base any clear-cut findings.

Hemp Cream For Pain Relief - What Science Has Proved So Far?

1. No Concrete Data - According to the Journal of Pain Research, topical use of some cannabinoids reduces the symptoms of pain in animals with soreness or inflammation. Furthermore, studies also validate that topical creams containing CBD and THC provide relief from pain caused by conditions like multiple sclerosis. Nonetheless, when it comes to chronic pains and post-workout pains, the jury is still out. There is negligible data available, so one cannot say anything in support of or negate the effects of CBD in delivering pain relief to humans.

2. You May Need To Use In Large Quantities - Another problem that scientists see is that topical creams only treat the top layer of the skin while the real problem resides deeper or more profoundly in the muscles. They say that theoretically, if you apply a large enough amount of Hemp cream on the skin, it will penetrate into the muscles by diffusion. But there is no study to prove or disprove the thought, and hence, it means you have to be more than generous in its application.

3. Lack Of Knowledge Regarding Correct Amount Of CBD or THC - There is no regulation controlling the amount of active CBD or THC in Hemp creams. It is because nobody knows what the correct amount that will deliver relief from pain is. Therefore, no two Hemp creams will provide the same results.


Hemp creams may provide relief from pain, but there is no way to guarantee that they will give lasting relief. These creams are now readily available, so you can always try one or two popular brands to see their effect on the pain that you are suffering from. If you were hoping to buy something scientifically proven, you might have to wait a while longer. In the meantime, there is nothing to indicate that the Hemp cream will give you an adverse reaction, so maybe you can give it a shot under the able guidance of your doctor. Hopefully, the studies that are underway now will give some promising data.