Rose Absolute Essential Oil Benefits Explained

Rose Absolute Essential Oil Benefits Explained

Looking at roses, you might symbolize love and affection, but these delicate petals have more to offer than the warmth of love. Many researchers sit upon the fact that essential oils extracted from roses can yield many health benefits.

Here in this ultimate piece, we will unveil some interesting and unknown benefits of rose absolute essential oil.

What Is Rose Absolute?

Rose absolute has a pleasant aroma, and people extract it from the Damask Rose petals. Taking into account the strong aroma of rose extract, it is highly adorned by natural perfume lovers. Speaking of its color, it has a viscous golden to yellowish-brown liquid radiating a stout, extremely sweet-smelling rose aroma.

You might consider the rose absolute the same as rose otto essential oil, but they are not the same since both have different extraction methods. The rose otto essential oil went through steam distillation, aka cold-pressing, while absolute underwent solvent extraction.

Comparing the aroma of rose otto essential oil and rose absolute, the rose otto carries a faint aroma while the latter has a real rose odour.

What Are The Benefits Of Rose Oil?

First and foremost, you must never consume orally or use absolute oils straight to your skin because they contain variable degrees of chemical contaminants that stay in the finished product. Such chemicals have the potential to harm your body and cause itchiness or an allergy to the skin.

1. Comforts Pain

Rose oil is one of the best pain relievers. However, it is not a mere claim as the researchers agree that aromatherapy can help reduce pain in the body. In 2015 researchers conducted a study where they grouped the postoperative kids into two categories. One group was directed to inhale almond oil while the other one had to inhale rose oil.

The results indicated that the children who inhaled the rose oil after the surgical procedure had lower pain complaints than the other group. Researchers agree that endorphins might be the reason for such pain reduction as rose oil can stimulate it.

2. Menstrual Cramps Relief

Rose absolute essential oil has already been proven to ease the discomfort attributed to the menstrual period. The rose oil's analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving effects and its ability to relax contracting muscular tissue make it best for tackling menstrual cramps. 

Scientific research2013 backs up this claim. The researchers grouped the menstruating women into two groups: one that received almond oil massage on the abdomen and the other received rose absolute oil massage. The second group had reduced the menstrual cramps significantly.

You can dilute  rose absolute oil in a carrier oil and apply 1-2 drops of it to the abdomen throughout your monthly cycle. It can aid in any muscle discomfort or stiffness you might be experiencing at the time of the monthly cycle.

3. Eases Anxiety And Stress

Besides providing soothing effects, Rose oil can also alleviate anxiety and stress symptoms. In addition, a study indicated that rose absolute oil could minimize the inflammation of brain neurons, enabling the brain to create and utilize happy hormones or endorphins.

Another study tested that the rose can reduce the anxiety levels of the women giving birth.

4. AntiSeptic

While applying the rose absolute directly to the skin on or open wounds might not be the best option since the end product has the chemicals, mixing it with any carrier oil provides perfect antifungal and antibacterial properties.

A study claims that rose absolute oil can effectively work against several infection-causing microorganisms, such as E.coli and staph infections (Staphylococcus) and strep throat (Streptococcus) causing bacteria. Moreover, the study also indicated that it works against Candida albicans microbes that can trigger oral, gut, and vaginal infection.

5. Increases libido

The rose absolute oil can increase physical intimacy, hence elevating their sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. Generally, depressed temper or even physical complications might be the core factor behind such a lack of libido.

Two studies on this subject revealed that rose absolute oil could increase sexual drive more in men than women. The first study has male subjects with depressive disorders, and the second study has female subjects with the same disorders. Both groups' subjects were taking antidepressants as well.

The study showed that the dopamine in the brain was the element that increases the sexual desire and satisfaction while also relieving the subjects from stress symptoms.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death across the globe, and hypertension or high blood pressure is the condition that roots heart problems.

According to research, rose absolute essential oil can reduce blood pressure due to the chemical properties that can unblock the vein and arteries. Hence the blood flow to the heart improves, and you lead a healthy life.

7. Anti-depressive

Several clinical studies support the fact that rose oil can alleviate depression symptoms. For example, a study in 2012, analyzed females that gave birth and went to postpartum depression. They grouped the women into two groups: one that received aromatherapy alongside prescribed medication and one on medications alone.

The first group of women who received aromatherapy had lessened depression symptoms than those on meds. The reason is that  rose absolute elevates the dopamine level in the body, making individuals stress free and happy.

Researchers agree that aromatherapy massage is more effective than mere inhalation, so it is better to go to a massage parlour than in vaping. Also, while getting aromatherapy to alleviate stress symptoms, you need to be a little patient since it takes roughly 4-8 weeks to improve the depressive condition with rose essential oil.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Rose Oil?

Rose essential oil has no reported negative impacts whether consumed directly or inhaled. However, we cannot say for sure for individuals who are allergic to rose oil.

Nevertheless, while using the absolute essential oil for the first time, it is advisable to conduct a skin patch test to rule out your sensitivities to it. For that, you can mix the rose oil with any carrier oil first, like jojoba oil.

After that, rub a small quantity of this dilute to the skin on the inner part of your elbow. If you do not encounter any irritation, inflammation, itchiness, or redness after a few hours of applying, it brings no side effects.

The Takeaway?

Rose oil brings so many health benefits, although the potential effects of rose oil needs more research and scientific evidence. Still, many researchers confirm that it helps treat depression, pain, menstrual cramps, increase libido, and cure infections. If you plan to use rose oil to cherish health benefits, we recommend applying it to the skin then inhaling since it works more effectively when applied topically.