Let’s Talk CBD Success Stories

Let’s Talk CBD Success Stories

Have you been curious about whether CBD could be beneficial for you?  Well, in this article, we are going to give you some great CBD success stories to help you in making your decision.  Yet, before we talk about CBD success stories, let’s dispel some common myths associated with CBD.  

1. First, it’s CBD will not get you high. 
2. Second, all hemp-derived CBD products are not illegal under Farm Bill 2018.

As you can see from the following success stories, more and more people are using CBD for the benefits to their health. If you have problems sleeping, suffer from anxiety, or have aches and pain, then CBD may be right for you. 

If, after reading this article you have more questions about CBD oils, we welcome you to contact us at Nirvana Health and Wellness.  We would be delighted to help you on your path to wellness with CBD from our CBD dispensary in Florida.  Please contact us using our contact form online or email us at support@nirvanahaw.com.  Now, let’s hear some awesome success stories!

Kathy Suffered From Anxiety and Took CBD Oil. Here’s What Happened

Kathy, a young writer, wrote an article about her CBD experience. She suffered from sleep anxiety and quite frankly, she was skeptical that CBD could really help her. In her article she said: 

“While I expected a hazy nodding off effect similar to melatonin, the oil simply relaxed my body…”

As a result, Kathy had a fantastic night’s sleep and she reported that when she woke up, she felt very well rested and wide awake. 

In addition to her sleep anxiety, Kathy kept taking CBD oil for her general anxiety that many of us feel during the day. As a result, after consuming CBD oil for six days in a row, she felt more focused, and has been sleeping extremely well. 

Chiropractors Are Reporting CBD Success Stories

In a recent study published in The Journal Of Pain, it was reported that 57.45% of people who responded, said that CBD assisted in relieving their pain-based health conditions. Read on for more CBD success stories! 

CBD and Osteoarthritis

The owner of Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, reports that most his patients have complained about the pain associated with osteoarthritis.  Many of his patients then tried CBD.  They found relief from their pain which allows them to continue in their jobs and enjoy fun family activities. 

Fibromyalgia and CBD

Dr. Rubina Tahir, DC reports that CBD has helped many of her patients who suffer from fibromyalgia. In fact, one patients who’d been on pain killers, tried CBD oil and claims it changed his life because he can now get a few hours of relief.  

If you have some orthopedic issues, we carry many products in our CBD dispensary in Florida that may be able to help you find some relief. 

CBD Success Stories from People Suffering from Anxiety, PTSD, and Diabetes 

Mark was a pilot in the U.S. Army and suffered from PTSD, Anxiety, and Diabetes. When he retired from his military service, he tried many prescribed medications to treat his conditions.  However, Mark felt the medications were only masking the problems, not really helping him recover. 

Mark decided to give CBD a try and was amazed at the results. He says he takes between 5-8 drops of CBD oil a day and quickly feels less anxiety and stress. Additionally, Mark claims that the CBD oil also helped him with his PTSD and some of the effects of having diabetes.

CBD and Pets

Believe it or not, CDB oil isn’t just for humans. There are benefits for our beloved pets as well.  

For example, Lisa has an extremely active Labrador named Winston.  Being so active, Winston was constantly getting into things out in the yard and got a cut on his paw. The cut turned into a year of Lisa and a veterinarian trying to get the paw to heal.  They got the wound down to only one small spot that wouldn’t heal no matter what they tried.

In desperation, Lisa tried CBD oil on Winston’s paw, and with just 2 small drops a day on the wound, his paw healed within six days!

Many other pet owners have reported success in giving their fur babies CBD oil in assisting in treating minor wounds to arthritis, just to name a few. 

Is CBD Oil Right for You?

There are many fantastic success stories about CBD and its benefits. Maybe you have insomnia, acne, or pain due to some orthopedic issues or arthritis.  It could be that CBD is just what you’re looking for. 

Get Long-Lasting, High-Quality, CBD Oils at Nirvana

Nirvana is a direct-to-consumer company that does not utilize multi-level-marketing to sell our products.  In turn, we are able to provide pure therapeutic grade CBDs at our dispensary in Florida for a value-rich price.  This commitment is the core of our vision to be the leading direct-to-consumer CBD company in the country.  We partner with farmers and distillers throughout the world so we can produce the quality of essential oils you deserve.

You can be assured that all of our Essential Oils and CBDs are 100% pure and authentic.  To ensure that we consistently provide our customers with the purest essential oils, Nirvana works with an independent lab that utilizes all techniques available to test all of our CBDs.  They are free of pesticides, synthetics, stretching or adulteration of any kind.  

In a market where CBD products now abound, knowing which CBD provider you can trust is paramount.  While many online stores sell CBD products, few demand the kind of quality control that we demand at Nirvana.  Our independent lab ensures the high quality of the products we sell.  In addition, we are always available to answer your questions with regard to proper dosage, and any problematic reactions that may result, when you take CBD and other medications.  

We know that you want only the best when it comes to finding CBD products that improve your wellness.  That is where we, at Nirvana, find a source of pride.  We care about the harmony and peace of mind that you draw from our CBD and essential oil products, and we see our customers as part of our family.  

Let us bring you to a better, stress-free, peaceful place.  At Nirvana, your health and wellness is our highest priority. 

To learn more, or to start a path to wellness with our CBDs, we welcome you to contact us using our contact form online or email us at support@nirvanahaw.com.  We want to help you on a path to physical and mental nirvana.  Nirvana – health and wellness for everybody.