Let’s Talk About Bergamot Oil

Let’s Talk About Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is an essential oil found in many perfumes, but it is also beneficial for health. In this article, we will explain how bergamot oil works and how to use it.

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The Origin of Bergamot Oil

Bergamot is a plant that comes from the Rutaceae family, which is a cross between a bitter orange and lemon.  It is a plant that is typically found in the Calabria region in Italy.  

The origin of the name “bergamot” is not entirely clear, but some historians believe that it may have been derived from Berga, which is a Spanish city from which the plant was transported later in Calabria.  Bergamot trees are now found almost exclusively along the southern coast of the Calabria region.  Indeed, virtually all of the world’s production of bergamot comes from that region.  

Bergamot oil can be used not only as an additive in perfumes, but also in the food industry.  For example, as an additive in some black teas (such as Earl Gray tea).

How Does Bergamot Oil Affect Health?

Bergamot oil as elsewhere, has a number of wonderful benefits: 

1. Reduce Stress: When you inhale bergamot oil, it has been shown to reduce your cortisol (stress hormone). Even depression and anxiety can be reduced, according to a Chinese study, as the brain is signaled to release the "happiness hormones," dopamine and serotonin.

2. Antibacterial: Bergamot oil works actively against various bacteria that are found in chicken or salad and can cause food poisoning. Bergamot oil can even be effective against life-threatening listeriosis.

3. Good for the heart and fights diabetes:  Researchers found that bergamot oil can lower blood triglycerides. Triglycerides are responsible for ensuring that carbohydrates and sugar are stored as fat in the body. If you build up too many triglycerides in your blood, it can cause diabetes and increase your blood pressure. 

4. Non-alcoholic fatty liver: The same study found that bergamot oil, combined with a healthy diet, can help reduce liver fat levels by as much as 90 percent.

5. Pain & Inflammation: Bergamot oil’s ingredient, linalool, can act as a helpful pain reliever.

Bergamot Oil as Aromatherapy

1. Fragrance oil lamp: Fill your lamp with water and drizzle a few drops of the valuable oil into it. In this way, the active ingredients slowly spread over time.

2. Room diffuser: Similar to a lamp, the diffuser also evaporates water and oil in the room. Here, just a few drops of bergamot oil are enough.
3. Anytime, anywhere: Take your handkerchief and pour a few drops. Then, you can hold the handkerchief at a distance of about 10 cm from your face and inhale the active ingredients deeply.

Bergamot Oil for Skin Health

Bergamot oil can help with acne on your skin. Just dilute 1-2 drops of bergamot oil with a mild carrier oil (like almond oil or jojoba oil) or a non-irritating skin cream.  Be careful, however.  Do not use bergamot oil during the day, as it can make your skin sensitive to light and the UV radiation can further irritate it.

(Note: If you have taken bergamot oil undiluted, it may cause side effects, such as allergic reactions, rashes, and redness).

Bergamot Oil as a Massage Oil and Facial Toner

Bergamot oil can also be used in cosmetics.  For example, as a face tonic, which helps against impurities and oily skin. In a carrier oil, bergamot can be used wonderfully for a massage against abdominal cramps and indigestion.

A word of caution.  If you use bergamot oil on your skin, make sure you never use it pure.  Always use it in conjunction with a carrier oil (e.g., almond oil).  You should also keep the rubbed area away from the sun for at least 72 hours after using it on the skin. 

Since bergamot (and citrus fruits in general) has a phototoxic effect, severe burn injuries or dark spots can occur on the skin.  In addition, you should not use bergamot oil on the skin or internally if you are pregnant.

To conclude, bergamot can counteract displeasure, fear, tiredness, and depressive moods and allow you to look to the future with confidence and drive.  Bergamot also has a lasting calming effect on stressed and overworked nerves.

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