Flying with CBD Oil – Is It Legal?

Flying with CBD Oil – Is It Legal?

It has been a long day. You have packed everything, you have double checked that you’ve left nothing in the hotel room, you check out, and you make your way to the airport. At the airport, you make sure that you get your boarding pass, grab a bite, and head over to the gate.

Then it hits you – you have CBD oil in your carry-on.

All of the sudden, your heart starts pounding. Is it legal to have CBD on an airplane? Will I get stopped by the TSA agents? Can they arrest me for something like that?

You then start to rationalize. You remember that CBD is now legal in the United States. It comes in all forms – CBD creams, oils, gummies. There can be no way that you will run into problems with the law just because you have some CBD oil in your carry-on bag, right?

Well, rest assured that it is legal to fly with CBD oil. There is a limit to amount of THC that can be in the CBD product, which we will discuss further below. But, the primary thing you need to know is that you can fly with CBD oil as long as you keep a few things in mind, to ensure you’ll never have a problem at the airport.

In this article, we will discuss some of the specifics related to flying with CBD oil in your carry-on. Of course, if after reading this article you have more questions about CBD oil and travel, we invite you to contact us at Nirvana Health and Wellness. Don’t be afraid to start your path to wellness with our Essential Oils and CBDs. Please contact us using our contact form online or email us at

Flying with CBD Oil: It is Legal.

There is one important rule that you need to remember when it comes to flying with CBD oil in your carry-on bags. That is that the CBD oil (or any CBD product) must have no more than .3 percent THC. As you likely know, THC is the active cannabis extract that gets you high. The CBD cannabis extract is the part of marijuana that does not get you high but can sometimes contain trace amounts of THC.

Accordingly, just make sure that the CBD oils and products you have with you do not contain more than .3 percent of THC. Interestingly, this rule on CBD when flying only came into effect in 2019, when the TSA updated their guidelines to allow for passengers to fly with CBD oil. Before 2019, flying with CBD oil was a much dodgier prospect.

3 Tips to Make Traveling with CBD Oil Stress Free.

Now that you know that you can fly with CBD oil. Here are a few extra pointers to ensure that you do not even raise suspicion with regard to a CBD product.

1. Be Careful When Packing. As noted, make sure that your CBD oil is in a container that is smaller than 3.4 ounces. That way, a TSA agent will not give your CBD oil a second look. Also, it makes sense to put the CBD oil in a plastic bag – you don’t want to have a leak mess up the other items in your carry-on.

2. Try Other CBD Options. CBD gummies also can lower the anxiety of flying while not having to worry about a liquid restriction.

3. Use CBD Before the Flight. Even though it is perfectly legal to have CBD oil in your bag, it may be worthwhile to use the CBD oil before you go to the airport. That way you will be relaxed and less stressed for your flight.

In sum, have no fear. Flying with CBD oil is legal provided that it contains less than .3 percent THC. Be sure to look at the label or speak with your CBD product provider to make sure that the THC level is appropriately low.

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