Does CBD Oil Expire? 8 Things You Should Know

Does CBD Oil Expire? 8 Things You Should Know

We’ve all done it.  We have found a shampoo bottle, a bottle of antibiotics, or a bottle of CBD oil way, way back in that desk drawer.  And we look at the label and ask ourselves – Has this expired?  How long after the expiration date should I start worrying?  It’s ok, we’ve all been there.

In this article, we are going to talk more specifically about whether CBD carrier oils have a shelf life.  We’ll answer the questions – Do CBD carrier oils last forever?  Will I be forced to throw them away at a certain time?  

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First, the Million Dollar Question – Does CBD Oil Expire?

The answer to that question is “yes.”  Like virtually all products, CBD carrier oils will eventually go bad.  So, what is important to know, then, is when will you know when it is time to get rid of that CBD oil you bought way back when.  Here are the 8 things you should know:

1. Are you sure CBD carrier oils expire?

Yes, even the highest quality CBD oils will eventually expire.  That does not necessarily mean that ingesting the expired oil will make you very sick.  But, you should be aware that CBD oil, when expired, will likely taste or smell less pleasant.  

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, CBD oils lose their effectiveness over time.  So, even if an old bottle of CBD doesn’t make you sick, it will not have the intended benefits.

2. What is the average life of CBD carrier oils?

While you need to take any estimate with a grain of salt because a lot of factors go into how long a bottle of CBD oil will remain effective, generally speaking most of those who know about CBD products agree that CBD oil will expire somewhere between one and two years.  

That means that if you have CBD oil that is over two years old, the active CBD ingredients will no longer be active.

3. What gives CBD longer life?

The real gauge of quality with regard to CBD oil is the way the CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant.  Thus, the higher the quality of CBD (based on the way it was extracted) the longer it will last.  

The method regarded as the best CBD extraction method is CO2 extraction.  Why is CO2 (which uses pressurized CO2 to take the cannabinoids from the cannabis or hemp plant) considered the best?  It is because CO2 tends to preserve the chemical integrity of the plant, thus providing a very stable CBD. 

4. What about additional ingredients, do they help with the expiration date?

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” and the same goes for CBD carrier oil ingredients.  The CBD oil will only last as long as the first ingredient takes to expire.  So, if the CBD has a carrier oil that will only last one year, then the entire CBD product will only last one year.

5. Does packaging matter?

Yes.  CBD products are frequently put in amber glass for a reason.  Amber glass is marvelous at keeping UV rays from the sun away from what is inside the bottle.  UV rays, as you may expect, will cause CBD to lose its effectiveness faster.

6. What is the best way to tell if the CBD oil is no longer effective?

Smell and taste are the two factors that are the best indicators as to whether the CBD oil is still good.   Even though most CBD oils should have an expiration date on the bottle, you can smell or taste when it is no longer good.  Also, if a CBD oil is cloudy, that is also an indicator that the CBD oil is ready to be tossed.

7. To make CBD oil last – avoid light and heat.

Keeping your CBD oil in a dry, dark, cool place will be very helpful in having the product last a long time.  Keep the bottle away from direct sunlight, and the CBD oil will stay fresher longer.

8. Keep exposure to the air at a minimum.

Oxygen can oxidize the chemical components of CBD oil.  That is why having oil in an airtight container with an applicator is the best way to keep air out.  But even if you have a screw top, make sure to open the bottle only for use and close it right away.

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