CBD Oil vs. Tincture: What’s the Difference?

CBD Oil vs. Tincture: What’s the Difference?

Anyone who is looking for CBD oil will come across CBD tinctures. At first, you might assume that both tincture and oil are the same, but that is not the case.

Despite the same packaging of them both, they are distinct in their way. Not only consumers but many businesses were using the terms interchangeably as of the same dropper style packaging.

If you are also confused about tinctures and oils, then read this until the end since we will highlight significant differences between both.

What is CBD?

Cannabis houses more than 100 compounds, among which some are discovered, and some are understudies. However, two of the starring compounds of cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD cannabinoid.

While THC brings intoxicating effects like making you high and euphoric the CBD brings many therapeutic effects. Although the research on CBD benefits is not much, it is still proven to relieve pain, anxiety and depression, and skin problems.

Moreover, it is also best for post-chemotherapy nausea and epileptic seizures. CBD oil and tincture are some of the ways to cherish CBD health benefits.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is obtained by extracting the oils from seeds, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant. Among all CBD ingesting products, CBD oil carries more potency and is somewhat expensive.

Not only CBD compounds but other healthy nutrients, vitamins, and proteins are also present in the oil. In addition, some studies revealed that CBD imposes positive impacts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Be mindful that CBD oil is highly potent, so you need to take care of its daily consumption threshold. Although there is no exact number for CBD dosing, it depends on different bodily factors and intended use.

CBD oil is created from a different base and carrier oil. While base oil is liable for dilution of CBD, they also make it easy for the body to absorb CBD better. The CBD oil often has coconut, Vegetable glycerin base, Hemp seed oil and MCT oil as a base carrier.

What are CBD Tinctures?

In general, the tincture is referred to as any medication that is held in alcohol suspension. Even though both tinctures and oil have the same source, hemp, they are not the same.

After extracting hemp in a liquid state, the CBD oil is contained in 60-70% distilled alcohol. Furthermore, after extraction, the tinctures are mixed with alcohol, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, or glycerin. 

You can use both tincture and CBD oils by putting a few drops under the tongue although the tincture will yield mild effects than CBD oil since it is less potent. 

CBD tincture devises greater bioavailability than CBD oil as the alcohol element in tinctures. Moreover, the alcohol in tincture is also responsible for longer shelf life as it acts as a preservative. 

CBD proportion is more diminutive in tinctures due to the prevalence of other ingredients. Those ingredients carry yet more health benefits since they can be Essential vitamins, herbs, melatonin, essential oils, water, or other flavor enhancers.

Difference Between CBD Oil and Tincture

1. Base

Like mentioned earlier, CBD oil has the CBD as base or carrier oil, while the tincture has an alcoholic base. Therefore, you can cherish maximum health benefits from both since they depict the same therapeutic effects. 

2. Ingestion Method

You vape CBD oil via a vape pen. You can add it to any food or salad as of its alcoholic content for ingesting CBD tincture.

3. Taste

If you consume CBD oil sublingually, you will encounter its unpleasant and earthy taste. But for tinctures, that is not the case since it has different flavor enhancers and sweeteners in its composition, such as chocolate, vanilla, and berries. Moreover, unlike CBD oil, which has an oily after taste, the CBD oil tincture enables fast absorption when you put it under the tongue.

4. Price

The CBD oil and tincture prices vary based on different factors like potency, CBD type, and strength. The CBD oil and tincture have a similar price range, but you might have to pay a bit high for the high-quality or pure CBD.

5. Shelf Life

The shelf life of CBD tinctures is much more than CBD oil as of the alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl) presence in tinctures. The alcoholic content in the tincture works as a preservative. Therefore, if you see a foggy element in CBD oil, know that it has exceeded its shelf life. Moreover, manufacturers recommend keeping CBD products away from sunlight.

CBD Oil vs Tincture, Which One is Better?

CBD oil and tincture have several benefits, but the primary factor that makes them distinct is their production method and the base element. Therefore, while choosing tincture or oil, you need to know your likes and wants from the product.

Everyone has a different choice since some want CBD oil as a tincture’s alcoholic element makes them dizzy. On the flip side, some prefer tinctures as their stomach is sensitive to oil ingestion.

Be mindful that CBD oil is not an ingredient-rich product while tincture has many ingredients, including alcohol. So if you want a straightforward CBD dose without any alcoholic content, then go for CBD oil.

Other Means to Take CBD

If you do not like both tincture and oil, then don’t worry, as there are plenty of other convenient ways to take your CBD shot.


If you hate the earthy taste of CBD oil, then try CBD edibles since they are a tasteful way of consuming CBD. There are several choices, such as CBD gummies, truffles, and candies. Note that consuming CBD via edible indicates that it will take time to digest; hence, it can deter its onset.


The contemporary way of consuming CBD is its transdermal application or topical use. CBD-infused lotions, transdermal patches, creams, and ointments are all available. However, if you want to immediately feel the onset of effects or want to tackle some skin condition, topical is a good choice.


CBD oils and CBD tinctures are two separate things, even though the phrases are commonly used indiscriminately.

CBD oil consists of CBD and base oil, while the CBD tincture contains alcohol as a base ingredient alongside other flavoring components. Therefore, if you are more inclined to tastes, then CBD tincture is best for you, or if you want a more potent dosage of CBD, then the oil is the right choice for you.

Choosing the CBD product is totally your choice, but it is best to consult a doctor before trying CBD.